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As one of the wildest territories of the province of Quebec, the North Shore offers you the richness and immensity of the Boreal Forest and a tundra covered by an incredible amount of lakes and crystal clear rivers, it's vast territory covers 236 700 square kilometres.

A stay on Quebec's North Shore allows you to breathe in nature's fresh air, discover pure skies, watch the stars and witness the phenomenal northern lights. It also offers you its native customs and traditions.

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   Photo credits: Pierre Rambaud & Aventure Chasse et PÍche
Quebec's North Shore is the undisputed brook trout kingdom. More than 90% of the lakes are filled with 100% wild brook trout.

The delicate taste, scrappiness and readiness to fight have made the brook trout the most sought after fish in Quebec and the pride of Quebec's North Shore Outfitters.

Their engagement to protect this natural resource has ensured that today their territories are teeming with 100% wild brook trout, guaranteeing you the pleasure and the satisfaction of fishing for and catching a most savouring fish.

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